Our Departments Mathematics And Sciences
This Dept. offers eight 8 subjects which are mathematics, physics chemistry, biology, agricultural science, Health Science, Physical and Health Sciences and I.C.T/computer studies.

Senior Secondary School (SSS1 – SSS3) subjects:
1. Technical drawing 2. Metal Work 3. Visual Art 4. Music 5. Food and Nutrition 6. Clothing and Textile 7. Home management
Basic School (JSS1 – JSS3) subjects:
1. Basic Technology 2. Technical Drawing 3. Cultural and Creative Art (which includes Fine Art and Music) 4. Home economics
Trade Subjects (Entrepreneurship, SSS1-SSS3)
1. Bleaching/ Tie and Dye 2. Block laying and Concreting 3. Garment making 4. Craft and catering services.

The department of humanities (formerly known as Arts and Social sciences) This department deals with both Arts and social science subjects. The art subjects include; Christian Religious Knowledge, Islamic Studies, and History, while the Social Science subjects are; Geography, Economics, Government, Civic Education and Social Studies.

Our Curriculum Subjects offered under WASSCE and NECO SSCE is:

1. English Language 2. Mathematics 3. Biology 4. Economics 5. Yoruba 6. Chemistry 7. Physics 8. Geography 9. Further Mathematics 10. Technical Drawing 11. Food and Nutrition 12. Agricultural Science 13. Visual Art 14. Commerce 15. Financial Accounting 16. Christian Religious Knowledge 17. Islamic Religious Knowledge 18. Literature in English 19. Civic Education 20. ICT 21. Government
Extra Curriculum Activites

1. Speech and prize giving day 2. Recreational activities 3. Literary and art 4. Debating competition 5. Quiz competition 6. Inter-house sports 7. Tie and dye 8. Excursions!